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For EMS deliveries, we currently only ship to Canada, Britain and Germany.
To the U.S.A. we only ship via DHL.
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Kiribai Steam Neck Pillow

Kiribai Steam Neck Pillow

S$ 34.36 S$ 27.48& FREE Shipping

Item #: 4901548340046
Stock: 9 in stock

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Manufacturer info


Warm neck ?? Mindfulness ~ Relax ?? 100% Azuki's natural steam!
From the "neck" to "near the scapula of the back", the shape and size are so wide that it wraps, so not only the "neck" and the "shoulder" but also the "upper part of the back, which is out of reach" And warm to the heart.
* This product is not a medical device.
-The heat of Azuki's natural steam will gradually warm up to the core!
?? It has a moderate weight and fits on the neck and shoulders, so it can be heated effectively.
?? Exclusive shape that wraps around the shoulder from the neck.
?? We can use immediately just to warm in microwave oven.
?? Economical because it can be used repeatedly.


?yhow to use?z
(1) Fold it in half with the side with the letters written inside and put it in the center of the microwave oven (wipe off the dirt on the part to be put). Make sure the beans are balanced before placing.
(2) Heat according to the warming time. Do not heat with an output exceeding 700W.
<Warming time>
500W: 2 minutes
600W: 1 minute 50 seconds
700W: 1 minute 30 seconds
(3) Place it on the neck with the written side up. Use 25 minutes as a guide.
* Heating other than microwave oven function is not possible
* Automatic heating is not possible
* Do not heat for longer than the specified time


[Precautions for use]
?E Do not use for anything other than the neck and shoulders.
?E Do not use on areas with abnormal skin (trauma, eczema, rashes, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc.) or areas that are feverish.
?E Do not use directly on the skin, use over heat and moisture resistant clothing as it may cause burns.
?E Do not use if you cannot remove this product by your own will, children, or when you are drunk or at bedtime.
?E Do not hit the same part for a long time.
?E Do not use burnt or torn products.


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